9-11 FEB 2022
Waimumu, Gore

NZFC South Island Doubles Fencing Competition

New Zealand Fencing Competitions (NZFC) are the organisers of the NZFC South Island Doubles Fencing Competition at the Southern Field Days.

This competition is a national level competition and consists of 4 competitions, with points accumulations to a hi points winner and placings. The focus is on installation aspects including post placement and height wirework, tensioning, end assemblies and utilises industry tools in the handwork.

When & Where?
13th FEB 9:30am
To be confirmed
Entrants consist of some of the South Islands leading fencing contractors and there is one guest team from the United Kingdom this year.

The eye for detail and the workmanship that fencing competitions are focused on enables a good level of workmanship in the field, enabling even more creditability to the work of the fencers who take part.