Innovation Awards

9-11 FEB 2022
Waimumu, Gore

Farm Innovation Awards

Calling all tinkerers... have you thought of a fantastic idea that may save time or make life easier? Whether your idea is being marketed or just a handy idea, there is a category for you to enter. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how.

3 judges interview entrants from 10am to noon on the first day of the Field Days Wednesday 12th February at the Innovations Site (AgriCentre) or your site. Your entry needs to be onsite by opening at 9am and no vehicles are to move onsite after 8.30am. If you do not have a replica of the innovation that will be on your site, then a poster with pictures is expected to be displayed at the Innovations Site. 
Entries must stay at the Innovations Site until 5pm on Friday 14th February, the prize giving is noon on Friday 14th.
When & Where?
12th FEB 10:00am
Agri Centre
The Southern Rural Life sponsored Farm Innovation Awards are found along the SFD Office side of the AgriCentre during the Southern Field Days.

3 Innovation Categories

Open section - Marketable innovations
First Prize $500 Second Prize $200

Number 8 Wire section - Farmers tinkering and handy innovations
First Prize $300 Second Prize $200

$500 School Challenge
The most entries per school (per capita)

School Category
First Prize $50 Entrant $50 School


Are you a tinkerer? Have thought of a fantastic idea that may save time or make life easier?
Have you made something in your shed or backyard, anyone could have done it, but you put together an original idea?
Have you made something new for the market and now it is being produced or could be tomorrow?

Entries are now open for the Southern Rural Life Farm Innovation Awards held at the Southern Field Days in Waimumu.

The bigger and bolder competition has a new location, right alongside the AgriCentre and amazing prize money with first prize $500 and second $200. The Innovation Awards now has a Primary School Category with a first prize of $50 for the entrant and $50 for their school.

As an entrant you might be trying to market your idea or just want to show others an easier way to do something. Past Winners have had innovations like Zeroharmfarm, a self priming siphon, a wheeliebin mover and a testbucket.

Schools could include an Innovation Competition in to your Pet Day, as part of your Technology program or as a one off, then send the winners to the Southern Field Days. Alternatively you could send the entry form home in your newsletter for students to enter themselves (and for parents / grandparents to see and get motivated).

Past Primary School winners have had innovations like a hen feeder, safety helmet, lamb feeder and hunting scope. Make sure your idea is original.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch: